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Register your purchase

Without doubt, you have already experienced it. You encounter a problem with your purchase that is still within warranty. But you can't find your purchase receipt anywhere.

If you register on the ALLO2KNOW web application, we will keep a digital copy of your sales receipt. When you experience any problems, all you have to do is ask for help. We immediately see if your product is still under warranty.


After-sales service

Is there an ALLO2KNOW letter in the packaging? Then you can register your purchase immediately on this site. Scan the QR code on the letter or enter the link you find on the letter.

Online help by real people

Are you afraid that we are hiding behind a digital online platform? The ALLO2KNOW web application is meant to make your life easier and to automate part of our work. But you do get help from real people and not from chatbots. That is the difference.

Digital tools are there to make life easier and to make service more accessible and faster.

Your purchase details and warranty

In the ALLO2KNOW web application we ask you to enter your address details (so that we can immediately find installers in your area). Moreover, you can also keep a list of your purchases and your purchase tickets there. This way we ensure that you receive a correct handling of the warranty conditions and a fast and solid service.

ALLO2KNOW: the bridge between customer and installer

Once registered, you can call upon our team of advisors who, if necessary, put you in contact with a specialist installer of your immediate area. This way you are assured of a fast service.

Moreover, you pay directly to ALLO2KNOW and we take care of the further handling with the installer. That way you are always assured of a listening ear.

Registering products and purchases

When you scan the QR code or enter a product code, the ALLO2KNOW web application recognizes your purchase immediately. You can then also add your purchase ticket. If you experience problems with your purchase or if you need installation or repair help, you can ask for help or advice with a few mouse clicks.

ALLO2KNOW selects installers and would like to hear your feedback

We select the installers ourselves. Based on your profile data and your questions, we indicate the most suitable and closest installer for you.

Positive or maybe negative feedback? Then we'd love to hear from you and together we'll look for a solution. Only in this way can we learn from our mistakes and maintain a quality service in the future.

Questions or suggestions? Let us know!

Do you need advice from our experts, are you looking for help with problems or do you just want to give feedback on our products and services? We are there for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.